Roland Micro Cube

Cost £ 65.00

Roland Microcube

Marshall MiniStack

Cost £ P.O.A.

Marshall 1Watt micro amp. Battery or mains powered. (PSU sold not included).

Behringer GM108

Cost £ 20.00

Behringer V-Tone GM 108. Original 20-Watt vintage-design guitar speaker
Wide-range drive control for super-fat sounds with any pickup types
Dedicated 3-band EQ and master level control. Absloute bargain!

Behringer Vampire

Cost £ 95.00

Behringer vampire LX1200H modelling amp head tube emulation from a solid-state head. This 2x60W digital guitar modeling amplifier head features 32 authentic amp models, 15 speaker cab simulations, and 16 multi-effects including noise gate, compressor, wah, modulation effects, delay, reverb, and many more.

Peavey CC130

Cost £ P.O.A.

Peavey Classic Chorus 130 - 130 Watt guitar combo with 2 12-inch speakers.
A truely classic amplifier.

Ashdown Bass Amp

Cost £ P.O.A.

Ashdown 100w bass amp with 15 inch speaker

Harley Benton

Cost £ P.O.A.

Harley Benton GA212R. 120 watt guitar combo with 2 speakers. Twin channel with reverb.

H&K vortex Head

Cost £ P.O.A.

Hughes and Kettner Vortex amp head.

Line 6 Flextone

Cost £ P.O.A.

Line 6 Flextone III modelling amplifier

Line 6 Spider2

Cost £ P.O.A.

Spider 2 modelling Amp Head 150 Watt. 12 different amp models. Also available, as pictured, The Line 6 4 x12 speaker cabinet. Contact the shop for further details.

Yamaha EMX640

Cost £ P.O.A.

EMX 640 400 Watt powered mixer with 6 channels and digital effects.

Phonic PP740

Cost £ P.O.A.

Phonic PowerPod 740 2x 220Watt mixer / amplifier with effects.

Laney AH

Cost £ P.O.A.

Laney AH 100, 65 watts 2 independent channels with reverb will be ideal for your keyboard / vocals or electronic drums. 12-inch celestion driver and HF Horn.


Cost £ P.O.A.

Marshall MG50 DFX - 50 watts with twin footswitchable channels - Clean & Overdrive. Independent tone controls for Bass & Treble on each channel. Built-in Digital Effects - Reverb, Chorus, Flange and Delay.

Fender 212R

Cost £ P.O.A.

Fender Frontman 212R - 100W combo, made on the foundation of a pair of 12" Fender Special Design speakers, the Frontman offers three footswitchable channels (Normal, Drive, More Drive) for easy toggling while playing. Has separate three-band EQs and tone/volume controls on each channel plus onboard reverb.

Blackstar HT20

Cost £ P.O.A.

20 Watt valve combo, 2xECC83, 2xEL34. Two footswitchable channels, 12 inch Celestion speaker, Enhanced tone controls.
Unique Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), Master volume, Digital reverb, Speaker emulated output, Effects loop.

Marshall VS100

Cost £ P.O.A.

Marshall Valvestate VS100 - 100 Watts of Pure Marshall Valvestate tone. Tube driven pre-amp in a solid state package. 3 Channels.

Marshall Cab0

Cost £ P.O.A.

Marshall speaker Cab, a perfect companion to the VS100, (amp head in picture NOT included in price of cabinet).

Peavey SP112

Cost £ P.O.A.

Classic Peavey Stuido Pro Transtube solid state amplifier with reverb. Twin input with FX loop send and return. Switchable channels, both with 3-band eq.

Peavey KB60

Cost £ P.O.A.

60 Watt keyboard amplifier with twin inputs and reverb

SubZero GT260H

Cost £ P.O.A.

2 X 60 watt. Eight amp models include Clean, Tweed, Fuzz & Metal with two variations per model & dedicated controls for Gain & Level. Three effects sections available simultaneously- Modulation, Delay and Reverb. Headphone output.

Deanvard VA30

Cost £ P.O.A.

VA30 LEad amp - 30 Watt guitar amplifier with reverb
Lots of features: SPRING REVERB INPUT - Bright or Normal GAIN - with Sustain

Technics SY-T12

Cost £ P.O.A.

Technics keyboard amplifier SY-T12 50W output, 2 standard jack inputs - can be controlled individually.
2.5 inch Tweeter and 8" Woofer give excellent sound reproduction. We currently have two of this model in stock.

Stagg 15W

Cost £ P.O.A.

15 Watt practice Amplifier with reverb.

Stagg 20B

Cost £ P.O.A.

20 Watt bass amplifier with 2 inputs headphone and external speaker output.

Rocket 20B

Cost £ P.O.A.

20 Watt bass amplifier with twin inputs, 3-band EQ and headphone out.

Rockwood RW15B

Cost £ P.O.A.

15 Watt bass practice amp by Hohner with 3-band EQ.

Peavey KB1

Cost £ P.O.A.

20 Watt Keyboard practice amplifier. 8" speaker. Two channels, headphone out

Peavey Backstage

Cost £ P.O.A.

10 Watt amplifier with 6 inch custom designed speaker.TransTubeŽ preamp with 2 switchable channels. Aux input and headphone output.

Roland KC

Cost £ P.O.A.

Keyboard practice amplifier. 40 Watt. 10" speaker.

Eleca EG-10J

Cost £ P.O.A.

10 Watt Guitar Amplifier with overdrive, great amp for beginners practice around the house. Headphone out.

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