Roland Micro Cube

Cost £ 65.00

Roland Microcube

Marshall MiniStack

Cost £ P.O.A.

Marshall 1Watt micro amp. Battery or mains powered. (PSU sold not included).

Behringer GM108

Cost £ 20.00

Behringer V-Tone GM 108. Original 20-Watt vintage-design guitar speaker
Wide-range drive control for super-fat sounds with any pickup types
Dedicated 3-band EQ and master level control. Absloute bargain!

Behringer Vampire

Cost £ 95.00

Behringer vampire LX1200H modelling amp head tube emulation from a solid-state head. This 2x60W digital guitar modeling amplifier head features 32 authentic amp models, 15 speaker cab simulations, and 16 multi-effects including noise gate, compressor, wah, modulation effects, delay, reverb, and many more.

Peavey CC130

Cost £ P.O.A.

Peavey Classic Chorus 130 - 130 Watt guitar combo with 2 12-inch speakers.
A truely classic amplifier.

Harley Benton

Cost £ P.O.A.

Harley Benton GA212R. 120 watt guitar combo with 2 speakers. Twin channel with reverb.

H&K vortex Head

Cost £ P.O.A.

Hughes and Kettner Vortex amp head.

Line 6 Flextone

Cost £ P.O.A.

Line 6 Flextone III modelling amplifier

Line 6 Spider2

Cost £ P.O.A.

Spider 2 modelling Amp Head 150 Watt. 12 different amp models. Also available, as pictured, The Line 6 4 x12 speaker cabinet. Contact the shop for further details.

Yamaha EMX640

Cost £ P.O.A.

EMX 640 400 Watt powered mixer with 6 channels and digital effects.

Phonic PP740

Cost £ P.O.A.

Phonic PowerPod 740 2x 220Watt mixer / amplifier with effects.

Laney AH

Cost £ P.O.A.

Laney AH 100, 65 watts 2 independent channels with reverb will be ideal for your keyboard / vocals or electronic drums. 12-inch celestion driver and HF Horn.

Marshall VS100

Cost £ P.O.A.

Marshall Valvestate VS100 - 100 Watts of Pure Marshall Valvestate tone. Tube driven pre-amp in a solid state package. 3 Channels.

Marshall Cab0

Cost £ P.O.A.

Marshall speaker Cab, a perfect companion to the VS100, (amp head in picture NOT included in price of cabinet).

Peavey KB60

Cost £ P.O.A.

60 Watt keyboard amplifier with twin inputs and reverb

SubZero GT260H

Cost £ P.O.A.

2 X 60 watt. Eight amp models include Clean, Tweed, Fuzz & Metal with two variations per model & dedicated controls for Gain & Level. Three effects sections available simultaneously- Modulation, Delay and Reverb. Headphone output.

Deanvard VA30

Cost £ P.O.A.

VA30 LEad amp - 30 Watt guitar amplifier with reverb
Lots of features: SPRING REVERB INPUT - Bright or Normal GAIN - with Sustain

Technics SY-T12

Cost £ P.O.A.

Technics keyboard amplifier SY-T12 50W output, 2 standard jack inputs - can be controlled individually.
2.5 inch Tweeter and 8" Woofer give excellent sound reproduction. We currently have two of this model in stock.

Stagg 15W

Cost £ P.O.A.

15 Watt practice Amplifier with reverb.

Stagg 20B

Cost £ P.O.A.

20 Watt bass amplifier with 2 inputs headphone and external speaker output.

Rocket 20B

Cost £ P.O.A.

20 Watt bass amplifier with twin inputs, 3-band EQ and headphone out.

Rockwood RW15B

Cost £ P.O.A.

15 Watt bass practice amp by Hohner with 3-band EQ.

Peavey KB1

Cost £ P.O.A.

20 Watt Keyboard practice amplifier. 8" speaker. Two channels, headphone out

Peavey Backstage

Cost £ P.O.A.

10 Watt amplifier with 6 inch custom designed speaker.TransTubeŽ preamp with 2 switchable channels. Aux input and headphone output.

Roland KC

Cost £ P.O.A.

Keyboard practice amplifier. 40 Watt. 10" speaker.

Eleca EG-10J

Cost £ P.O.A.

10 Watt Guitar Amplifier with overdrive, great amp for beginners practice around the house. Headphone out.

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